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Anti-bedsore mattres

Anti-bedsore mattres

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Vista 7 is a preventive anti-bedsore mattress with a tubular structure designed to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and support the treatment of pressure ulcers up to the 3rd degree. The system of alternating filling of the chambers ensures pressure rotation in the chambers, which stimulates the body to continuous micromovements, improving blood supply and oxygenation of the skin. In this way, it not only reduces the risk of pressure ulcer formation, but also contributes to the reduction of muscle tension and joint stiffness. Micro openings and adequate ventilation prevent sweating and chafing. The pump adjusts the pressure to the patient's weight, reducing pressure on sensitive areas through optimal weight distribution. An additional advantage is the low-pressure static mode, ideal for patients with severe irritation and especially sensitive to pain. The VISTA 7 system is characterized by almost silent operation, thanks to which it does not disturb patients' sleep. It should be used in conjunction with a foam mattress.
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