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The best anti-virus and anti-bacterial LED panel on the market using NANOCARE® technology. The surface of the lampshade in combination with specialized filters provides long-term protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air. ASEPTICA® ACTIV / nano deactivates and inhibits the growth of all bacteria, viruses and fungi that touch the surface of the panel or pass through the filters. The NANOCARE® technology used on the surface of the panel and inside the filters effectively prevents the spread of infectious diseases, cleans the air and ensures a healthy and safe environment.

ASEPTICA® ACTIV / nano is a non-chemical, non-toxic and maintenance-free luminaire. The frame has multi-layer filters, which are recommended to be replaced every 6 months. Thanks to the hybrid design, it combines the static virucidal effect of the LED panel with the active attraction of pollutants passing through a multi-level filter system.

The HQ fans installed inside the luminaire cause air circulation in the protected room, strengthening and accelerating the antiviral and antibacterial effect of the luminaire. The surface of the panel maintains its properties also when the luminaire is not lit. The convenience of operating the ASEPTICA® ACTIV / nano luminaire is ensured by an ergonomic remote control that allows independent control of the air circulation force and the intensity of the eye-pleasing lighting.

Most indoor air polluting viruses and bacteria are small and mobile, making them extremely difficult to catch and filter. The use of optoelectric polymer plasma coating technology combined with a unique diffuser and filter system makes the ASEPTICA® ACTIV / nano luminaire work all the time. Regardless of whether you turn the light on or off, it cleans the air in the room, allowing you to breathe healthy at all times.
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    All medical devices, and systems or procedure packs, are registered with the MHRA before they are placed on the market.

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