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Bariatric trolley

Bariatric trolley

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Bariatric use
This is no ordinary wheelchair. Here, only the right footrest has a strength of 100 kg, and disc brakes can be an option. The trolley can be used as a regular transporter, but it is intended primarily for patients with non-standard sizes weighing more than 300 kg.

Ergonomics matter
When transporting oversized patients, even such a nuance as properly profiled handles is of great importance - it reduces the strain on the operator's wrist and arms. The trolley has been designed so that the transport of heavy people is simply easy to use and stress-free and safe for patients.

Protection of unexpected cases
The hospital cannot allow a situation in which it cannot transport an overweight patient from the emergency room to the ward due to the lack of equipment. The problem is solved by having at least one transporter which, according to the standards, can transport a person weighing over 300 kg.

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Comfort for the patient and the operating team

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