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Bilirubinometr KJ-8000

Bilirubinometr KJ-8000

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A bilirubinometer, a non-invasive jaundice meter, allows for a safe and painless measurement of bilirubin through the skin. This is the best way to measure the bilirubin in the newborn and thus detect jaundice in the newborn as soon as possible. Our bilirubinometers are powered in two ways - AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. The total bilirubin meter should be available not only in hospitals or private doctor's offices, but also in NZOZ, childbirth schools and midwives' equipment. The small size of the device allows you to use it in various situations and places, including during home visits. We are the sole distributor and importer of MBJ20 M&B bilirubin meters in Poland. Our offer includes both bilirubinometers for measuring bilirubin through the skin, as well as mobile Bilibed phototherapy lamps used to treat jaundice in newborns.
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