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Dermalight 1000 lamp with 12 illuminators (6 UVA and 6 UVB) U-stand

Dermalight 1000 lamp with 12 illuminators (6 UVA and 6 UVB) U-stand

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Dermalight® 1000 with 12 illuminators 6 UVA and 6 UVB

Adjustable UV irradiation device for whole body treatment.

Dermalight® 1000 is a universal device for UV irradiation of the whole body.

Therapy in standing, lying and sitting position.

The dermalight® 1000 UVA irradiation device can be rotated by 180° and allows treatment in a standing, lying and sitting position.

It also enables local therapy, e.g. in the neck area. Continuous height adjustment guarantees the correct distance. The movable tripod of the device allows for easy transport to the place to be treated and also saves space.

Possibility of accurate dosing using a timer.

The treatment time can be accurately measured with a separate electronic timer, which contributes to optimizing treatment results.

After the specified time has elapsed, the device turns off automatically. If the treatment is interrupted, the device remembers the remaining time. In addition, it uses high-intensity UV, which allows you to shorten the treatment time and reduce the formation of erythema and the accumulation of doses.

Treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo with UVB and UVA light.

The dermalight® 1000 device can be interchangeably equipped with narrow-band UV-A or UV-B 311 nm lamps, which opens up a wide spectrum of possible therapeutic treatments.

Product description

  • therapy is possible in a sitting, lying and standing position
  • safe and easy to use pneumatic height adjustment
  • short duration of treatments
  • space-saving movable tripod
  • separate liquid crystal clock for precise dosing
  • low energy consumption
  • line filter for electromagnetic compatibility compensation
  • also for home use
  • medical certificates
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