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Dermalight 80 R BASIC lamp (UVA or UVB 311nm) psoriasis

Dermalight 80 R BASIC lamp (UVA or UVB 311nm) psoriasis

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Dermalight 80R BASIC is a UV comb designed to treat scalp diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo or atopic dermatitis.

The treatment process is carried out using ultraviolet UVA or UVB rays penetrating the skin.

The Dermalight 80R BASIC lamp is perfect for home use thanks to its light and handy design and distance protection in the form of a removable comb.
Most importantly, when using therapy at home, it is a certified medical device (as opposed to cheap substitutes without certification).
Dermalight 80R BASIC is equipped with UV-A or UV-B-311 nm lamps that allow you to perform a wide range of therapeutic activities.
Easy to use and clean, the Dermalight 80R BASIC is ideal for home therapy.
The introduced modern design and low weight (800g) make the Dermalight 80R BASIC therapy easier than ever
The removable comb ensures that a certain distance from the skin surface is maintained and the hair is easily separated.
Easy to use and clean, the Dermalight 80R BASIC is ideal for home therapy.
The new Dermalight 80R BASIC allows you to use the device all over the world thanks to the use of a new type of power supply.

In addition, the device complies with all relevant standards, as confirmed by an accredited laboratory in Germany.

All this together makes the newly designed Dermalight80R BASIC the only handheld device in the world with its exceptionally unique technical features.

Set contains:

  • UV comb
  • comb attachment
  • UV protection glasses
  • liquid crystal clock

Parameters of the Dermalight 80R BASIC UVB / UVA Lamp:

  • Easy to guide, rounded comb for a smooth and thorough treatment of the scalp
  • Wide treatment area
  • Light and handy design
  • Short treatment time
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Perfect for home therapy
  • Possible treatment of hard-to-reach parts of the body after detaching the comb
  • High quality and resistant construction
  • Comb attachment
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