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Electrically adjustable hospital bed

Electrically adjustable hospital bed

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Comfortable getting out of bed
Easier care and operation
Fall protection

Comfortable getting out of bed
The main advantage of this bed is the ability to smoothly adjust the height of the bed. The minimum height is very low, which is invaluable for shorter or elderly patients. The bed is also available with manual adjustment.

Easier care and operation
The lair is filled with rigid and ventilated plates, which, unlike springy metal nets, guarantees easy cleaning and efficient disinfection. The cradle panels in the form of plates allow for the safe conduct of CPR.

Fall protection
The standard bed is equipped with durable side rails to protect the patient against falls. The height of the rails has been designed in such a way that the patient is protected even when lying on a high anti-bedsore mattress. Optionally, the rails can be extended to the entire length of the pallet

Everything is in its place
There is a large, removable shelf under the bed, which positively influences the organization of the patient's stay. It allows you to make room for the patient's personal belongings or bedding. It also facilitates the work of hospital staff, allowing them to move freely between the beds and clean the floor in the vicinity.
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Comfort for the patient and the operating team

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  • MHRA

    All medical devices, and systems or procedure packs, are registered with the MHRA before they are placed on the market.

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