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Gel positioners

Gel positioners

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Patient positioning in the operating block is a very important element of each operation. Many more or less specialized attachments are used to improve the proper positioning of the patient. More and more attention is paid to safety and minimization of complications that may also occur after a properly performed procedure. A very important issue is the problem of bedsores that can form during even a short and seemingly safe procedure, not to mention long-lasting operations.
In order not to expose the patient to difficult and long-lasting pressure ulcers, specialized positioners are increasingly used in operating and treatment blocks - most often made of appropriate gels and silicones. Positioners can take very different shapes and, in addition to the function that facilitates placing the patient in a specific position, they also have a very important function. Namely, they effectively protect the body against the formation of bedsores by reducing pressure, while increasing the contact surface on which the patient rests. It is no secret that prolonged surface pressure can cause local ischemia and highly dangerous tissue necrosis.
The key is to properly select the shapes of the positioners for the expected arrangements, however, manufacturers make this process much easier by offering the positioners in question in very different shapes and dimensions. All positioners offered below work with the patient's heating and cooling systems in operating theaters, they are also X-ray transparent. among others therefore, they are also used in broadly understood diagnostic tests - in X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography. Positioners can be easily washed and disinfected and they do not lose their anti-bedsore properties.
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