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ICU hospital bed

ICU hospital bed

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Solid barriers
Massive plastic barriers not only protect the patient from falling out. They are stable handles during rehabilitation and getting out of bed, effectively protect while sitting and enable the use of built-in control panels. Importantly, they do not affect the total width of the bed.

Effortless service
This is standard in this type of beds. Full electric control, both for the patient and staff, improves everyday work. CPR levers located in easily accessible places ensure the safety of any immediate resuscitation. The compact dimensions of the entire bed and double wheels allow it to be quickly moved around narrow hospital corridors.

Hassle-free exploitation

The construction of the bed covered with plastic, together with the chassis, speeds up washing and simplifies cleaning. Minimization of cables and built-in control panels reduce the risk of mechanical damage. It is worth mentioning reliable electric actuators, which is no longer obvious in today's electronic equipment.

Height: 50-76 cm
Length: 211 cm
Width: 99 cm
Maximum working load: 170 kg

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Comfort for the patient and the operating team

We deliver it, we install it and perform services for our devices.

  • UKCA

    Thanks to complience with the legal requirements in Great Britain you can be sure about devices safety.

  • MHRA

    All medical devices, and systems or procedure packs, are registered with the MHRA before they are placed on the market.

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