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LED lamp ORDISI FLH 2 with wall regulation

LED lamp ORDISI FLH 2 with wall regulation

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ORDISI FLH2 LED projector with wall adjustment.

ORDISI FLH2 medical projector, which is ideal for use in treatment rooms, veterinary offices, beauty salons, etc. Thanks to its flexible so-called "gooseneck" you can perfectly direct it to the field you want to illuminate. In addition, it has a wall mount, so you can easily mount the lamp in the desired place on the wall. It has 3 LEDs with a power of 10W with adjustable light intensity in the range of 15-100%.

Technical parameters:

  • input voltage: 220-230V
  • intensity: 50-60 Hz
  • output voltage: 12V
  • total diode power: 3x10 W
  • average LED lifetime: 50,000 hours

Light intensity:

  • 135,000 lux - at 30 cm
  • 42,000 lux - at 50 cm
  • 12,000 lux - at 100 cm
  • color temperature: 4750K
  • light spot size: 12 cm - at a distance of 1 m
  • smooth, non-contact light intensity adjustment in the range of 15-100%
  • arm length 92 cm
  • the lamp has a CE certificate
This type of lamp is designed to work in:
  • doctor's offices
  • in operating rooms
  • dressing rooms
  • emergency rooms
  • veterinary offices
  • beauty salons
  • and many other places
  • With the help of this device, the examined area of the patient's body can be illuminated. This allows for accurate diagnosis.
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