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The Luna 2 rehabilitation bed by the renowned Vermeiren company is an extended version of the LUNA Basic model with built-in panels on the head and legs. It is a bed for home care, controlled by a remote control. The bed in the Luna 2 rehabilitation bed can be mounted at two heights, higher or lower. This is a very important feature for tall and short people. VERMEIREN is a conscious and responsible manufacturer who, when designing its products, listens to the suggestions and opinions of both users as well as employees of rental and medical stores and adapts them to their requirements. The high quality and functional standard makes LUNA a perfect bed supporting the process of care and rehabilitation and improves the quality of life of people lying down.

Product features:

  • Two heights of the mattress base, higher-lower,
  • four-segment lair,
  • Smooth adjustment of the mattress base height using a remote control,
  • Anti-trendelenburg position,
  • Smooth regulation of the headrest angle on the remote control,
  • Smooth adjustment of the angle of inclination of the thigh segment on the remote control,
  • Manual adjustment of the segment inclination angle,
  • Built-in actuators
  • LINAK actuators,
  • Box housing in beech wood colour,
  • Boom,
  • barriers,
  • metal bed,
  • The bed is delivered on a transport system.
  • Medical product, certified
  • Condition - brand new
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