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NBVE 60 P flow germicidal lamp: without Ultraviol operating timer.

NBVE 60 P flow germicidal lamp: without Ultraviol operating timer.

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Product description:
  • assembly method: P - mobile on a tripod
  • due to the fact that this flow germicidal lamp is energy-saving, you save about PLN 200-300 per month (depending on how long the device will work)
  • model: flow-through energy-saving germicidal lamp
  • purpose of use: effective air disinfection (even in the presence of patients and staff)
  • people in the room are not exposed to harmful radiation, because this lamp is designed in such a way that the air flows through the UV-C chamber
  • this model has successfully passed all the required tests, and its effectiveness is confirmed by certificates
  • application: in operating blocks, patient rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, waiting rooms and other places where many people stay - also wherever a high degree of microbiological purity is required
  • housing: acid-resistant sheet, which supports the disinfecting properties and allows you to keep the device clean
Technical parameters:
  • supply voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • energy-saving - power consumption: 75 VA
  • element emitting UV-C radiation: 2x30W
  • radiator durability: 8000 h
  • fan capacity: 132 m3/h
  • disinfected volume: 25-50 m3/h
  • lamp operating range: 10-20 m2
  • security class: I
  • enclosure type: IP 20
  • dome dimensions: 1125 x 215 x 130 mm
  • dimensions: 600 x 1740 x 600 mm
  • weight: 13 kg
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