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Ri-Focus LED Ultraviol headlamp

Ri-Focus LED Ultraviol headlamp

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Ri-Focus LED Ultraviol headlamp.

Ri-Focus LED does not have a power cord, so it does not restrict the doctor's movements. The device is energy-saving, it can work up to 30 hours on one set of batteries. It has a sponge-lined comfortably adjustable headband. The head with a rotating sleeve equipped with a lens allows you to precisely adjust the size of the treatment area. The diameter of the illuminated treatment area when illuminated from a distance of 400 mm is adjustable and ranges from 40 to 200 mm.

Technical parameters:
  • battery powered (2 CR123 batteries or 4 AAA batteries)
  • the cone-ball connector allows you to freely direct the light beam
  • white uniform light with a color temperature of 4200 Kelvin and an intensity of 7100 Lux at a distance of 500 mm, 17 500 Lux at a distance of 300 mm, light intensity up to 17 500 Lux at a distance of 300 mm
  • weight with batteries is 259g
  • the weight of the lamp without batteries is 210g
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