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Touchless disinfection station

Touchless disinfection station

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Touchless disinfection station
Technical data
Feeder size: 12x11x22cm
Stand size: 27x40x177 cm
Adjustable amount of agent administered: 0.8/1.2/1.5 ml
Center tank capacity: 1000 ml
The dispenser (spray) is equipped with a one-liter container for the disinfectant of any choice. It has the ability to adjust its amount. This disinfection device is equipped with a motion sensor that activates the automatic administration of the disinfectant when the hand is placed. So there is no need to touch it and expose yourself to contact with bacteria that may have settled on the construction of the device - it is an extremely hygienic solution. The device releases enough sanitizer to disinfect entire hands and wrists. This product is made of durable materials that are easy to clean and disinfect at the same time.

Our disinfection machine includes a stand as standard, which allows you to place it anywhere in the communication route, as well as brackets for wall mounting or on another vertical surface. Such a disinfection device - due to the coronavirus epidemic - is now required in many public places: shops, shopping malls, restaurants and service premises. Equip your business with a disinfection machine that will ensure hygiene and safety for your customers and employees.

What to look for when buying a disinfection station?

Size and construction - you should consider where the device is to be located - whether it will be hanging, standing on a stand or a desk.
Tank capacity - should be adapted to the place: the more people, the larger the container you should choose.
The materials from which the station was made - after all, it will be used by many people, must be durable.
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