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Video colposcope with data archiving

Video colposcope with data archiving

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The C1 Video Colposcope with Data Archiving is a device that helps to image and diagnose the lower part of the female genital organs. The test detects, among others: tumors or neoplasms, Nabothian cysts, columnar epithelium, pathological vessels. The C1 model has a 28x zoom (C3A) and a 36x zoom (C6A). It includes software that allows you to archive data and export them in PDF format. Excellent image clarity is possible thanks to the high-resolution camera and fast auto-focusing system, which allows precise examination of the cervix. The device allows real-time magnification to capture finer details. Cold LED lighting reproduces the original view of the tissue. User-friendly keyboard and remote control. The green electronic filter improves the display of the vascular image.
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