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X-ray films FUJI blue-sensitive Super RX 30 x 40cm

X-ray films FUJI blue-sensitive Super RX 30 x 40cm

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Super RX membranes are designed for automatic processing within 90 seconds. and longer.

Thanks to the use of unique FUJIFILM technologies: Sigma - LIC Grain and Cross - opera, used in the production process of films sensitive to the blue light spectrum, a film with the highest technical and quality parameters was obtained.

High sensitivity, high contrast and low opacity allow you to obtain radiographs of the highest diagnostic quality with minimal exposure to the patient.
Super RX's outstanding antistatic properties and smoothness ensure reliability during routine diagnostic work.

These films are covered with a protective layer on both sides, protecting against mechanical damage and electrostatic discharges. They cooperate with intensifying screens emitting blue light.
They have outstanding antistatic properties and high scratch resistance.

The package contains 100 pieces of membranes

Universal diagnostic films for automatic processing should have the following parameters:
  • initial smoke Dmin - 0.22
  • maximum density - 2.80
  • medium contrast - 2.60
  • regeneration doses of reagents in automatic processing per 1 m²:
  • developer 0.4 l - fixative 0.6 l
  • emulsion layer laid evenly.
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